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I have finally progressed as a knitter to perhaps where I may ask to (in a few more years) called a Knitter. I am at the point now where I’m not completely embarrassed to send things to others who won’t just accept the object out of love or obligation (such as my mum). After knitting quite a bit for me recently and feeling overly consumerish I knew I needed to knit something for someone else.

Since red isn’t my favourite colour I wasn’t sure if I could knit a red scarf, especially given the close deadline.

However, light blue and white are colours I like and with a mid-January 2009 deadline, that I thought I could do it.

My goals for this project were to try a different stitch pattern/technique. I also wanted to knit something that was reversible and two colour and not garter. Thus this scarf was born.

Completed Special Olympics ScarfSpecial Olympics Scarf
based on stitch pattern in winter 2007 knit.1 — a magazine I don’t often buy, but the reversible stitch patterns had me at hello.
Ravelry Link
Required Yarns: Red Heart Ltd. Super Saver Solids in White and Delft Blue
4.25mm circs
CO: 20080905
BO: 20081005
Mailed: not yet

The yarn actually grew on me and softened over time, but I wish that another option was chosen. There are acrylics and then there are acrylics. This acrylic makes me sad.

Completed Special Olympics Scarf

I did, however, fall in LOVE the pattern. It was fun. The first 6-10 rows felt difficult until I figured out how to read the scarf and then my only constraint was my extreme dislike of the yarn. When I finally pushed that out of my head I zoomed through. The pattern sounds difficult at first, but really is simple. The yarn does the work for you — it tells you what row you are on which is brilliant for this Computer Scientist who cannot count.

I still need to package and post it off. My goal is to do a large postal run Friday morning. That is the goal. I’m not sure if that is reasonable at this time or not. I hope so. I have several packages I really need to post off to people.

I also have quite a bit of yarn leftover (about 45-50g each of white and blue), which is mind boggling to me considering I sent half of it from the start to teabird. I’ve put in a request on Ravelry if anyone there wants it, but if you want it, I won’t guarantee you’ll get another scarf out of my remaining yardage, but I wouldn’t be surprised. (This is only if you knit. Crochet eats up yardage quick so I’m pretty confident you wouldn’t.) Just let me know. In return I just ask that you create and donate something to a good cause — either a special olympics olympics scarf or something else.

What post might you expect next week? I have completed a few more things knit for others to bring a smile to my face and I want to write up those stories. Then, more cowls and scarflettes. Maybe, just maybe, some spinning.

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  1. … and I still have some of the yarn Penny gave me. Let me know if you want mine, too – I have more than enough for fringe, and a couple of inches (at least) of scarf!

    teabird / ravelry

    melanie recently wrote the VP debate; or, look here, another hat!

  2. That is double knitting –one of the more interesting patterns.. It is great fun to do isn’t it? (and so different!)

  3. Very nice! It will keep someone nice and cozy during the dog days of winter.

    Devorah recently wrote Synagogue Shuffle

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