cuticle care or breakfast (made for dinner)

pão du quiejoI didn’t mean to gross you out by that title… A great recipe for your cuticles is pão du quiejo. Well, not intentionally is it meant for cuticle care, but mine are much happier for the experience.

These are gluten-free cheese bread balls made with tapioca flour/starch which are simply delightful and heavenly. It was hard not to eat them as I “styled” for these terrible photographs.

For my first attempt to make this yummy goodness, I followed Rachel’s Recipe at The Crispy Cook, though be warned, when she says use a food processor — it will make the entire process easier and smoother, though your cuticles won’t get the warm olive oil bath mine enjoyed as I squished and squashed the mixture together.

As I prefer weight measurements instead of volume and want to further play with the recipe, I will link a few more potential recipes at the end … I’ve not tried them. In this iteration I used a combo of about a teaspoon of finely ground Parmesan crud and enough and then enough freshly grated to make a loosely filled ½ cup.

I’m excited to have found a yummy new breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack treat.

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