Cowletta the Fourth

The cowl/scarf-lette craze has not yet subsided. I have two more in progress at the moment and am working my way through the stash.

cowl 004, finishedThis cowl is more a wrap/cape-lette than a “standard” cowl. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you and you have seen this yarn before. It was originally knitted up into the “Sunday Market Shawl” but as the stitches between the drops were just knit and not twisted it quickly morphed into a large loose rectangle of stockinette. I had planned to turn this yarn into a slightly larger clapotis than my mini one, but I feel this is much better.

CO: 20080914
BO: 20080923

Yarn: LavenderSheep Superwash Merino Worsted in Purple Blackberry
4.5mm-6.5mm needles
based on Roundabout Socks by Ruth Greenwald

I started with 88 stitches … after i realized this could cover my shoulders (and was a feature I wanted) i started adding extra stitches to the stockinette part and bumping needle sizes to make it fit. I did my standard k2, k2tog bindoff for stretchyness.

I’ve worn it 3 days out of 4 since I completed it. I love that it gives me some warmth around the neck and shoulders. The only change I’d make is a bit of garter at the neck and base to prevent rolling. Not that it has stopped me from wearing it without blocking it. The neck is also a bit "shorter" than I’d prefer but if I pin it it’s fine. I loved this yarn the first time I knitted it and I love it more now. The colours and the way they knit up make me smile.

I had wanted a clapotis-like effect but am not aware of how to drop stitches on a bias when knitting in the round. ;) I think this creates the effect I wanted and will find a considerable of wear!

Apologies for such a roughly written post. I neglected to work on the draft erev yontif and have a large to-do list to get through tonight.

(also: why did I title this post as such? should be a fairly easy give away, and the answer isn’t just that it’s the fourth cowl I knit. I find it highly amusing given all the little pieces of this project taken together. Allow me my quirky humour. first “winner” will get a small gift, eventually. I work hard to pair gifts with recipients. Poor Dave is still waiting over a year and a half.. *sigh* I’m sorry!)

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  1. No idea — my brain is too fried from lack of sleep. I bet cowletta kept you nice and warm in shul.

    We just found out that our shul is kept at a consistent 69 degreees. This guarantees that half the congregation is too hot and half is too cold!

    Devorah recently wrote The Three Bears …

  2. Strange question, but how hard is it to get over a headcovering? It seems that it might be a hassle…

  3. @ safranit: most of them are not difficult at all… the pink one (the first one I knitted) probably would cause the most difficulty as it is the most “traditional” as in being turtleneck-like. I wouldn’t really it take on and off.. i’ve actually not worn it yet as this morning was the first time I’ve needed wool. the rest stretch tons. I’ve had no problems, but then I tend to put these on and not take them off again until I’m back home so it’s not a big deal. but that is why I like these new looser ones that are tightened with a pin. They are kisui-rosh friendly.

    @ devorah: yes it helped… for the second day of shul. the first day everyone froze and I didn’t wear it thinking that my clothing choice (which I’d worn in the past) was enough. the second day was a bit more regulated and the shawletta helped considerably.

  4. Your title totally reminds me of Charlotta the fourth from Anne of Avonlea. I am currently reading the book, though I am not quite to that part. She is one of my favorite characters!

    Yvonne recently wrote Oregon Flock & Fiber

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