beech wood, aka cowl the third

BeechwoodBeech Wood
by Ilga Leja
swell yarns fingering
4.25mm needles

Yes, the cowl craze continues. I am surprised to write that as of right now (4pm Wednesday) I don’t have #5 on the needles yet. It’s been over 24 hours now. I have some other stuff I’m working on and I can’t quite decide what the fifth should be.

Anyway, I knitted this as suggested by the pattern instructions (that must be a first). It’s super fast and the fabric is easy to read so you can figure out where you are. This MUST be one of my favourite cowls (as if I really have that many). Ok, it was my absolute favourite until I finished #4 yesterday morning, stay tuned to next week for that adventurous tale. This yarn was a gift in a swap from Jennifer and I knew I could never knit it up as socks. The colours just wanted to sing and enjoy the sun. I haven’t yet worn any jackets yet, but I think this will look stunning with a white shirt and my brown corduroy blazer. The colours remind me of the beach and something about the combination really makes me smile and be happy. I love pinning it …

I have almost half a ball leftover (the story of my life) and I’m not yet sure what the rest will become.

(I really should take better care of my shaitels or brush them before forcing them before the camera)

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  1. This, truly, is a beautiful cowl. Maybe the leftovers could be wristlets?

    melanie recently wrote Friday Fill-ins

  2. Gorgeous! I think you’ve just inspired me to cowl-dom with a few of the single skeins I have lying about the place. Brilliant!

    KathyMarie recently wrote Dreaming Big

  3. Very pretty! That will keep you nice and warm and good looking at the same time!

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