Strand Annex

Strand Annex, 20080921Due to a loss of lease and the always changing dynamic of NYC, Strand will close their Annex on Fulton Street. Strand is completely different in all ways from Powells, but I love it anyway. Powells is organized which makes my librarian-brain happy. Strand is random and well worn around the edges (both at Annex and the main store). I liked the Annex, despite its super stale air, as it always offered the random books I needed at prices I was quite willing to pay. This weekend (sorry!) all books were $1 in anticipation of the annex doors closing (fixtures were for sale as well, I don’t know what they were going for). We added six to our library. I did want to cry when I saw at least THREE copies of a book I bought for class and paid $14 for.