broiled tofu

broiled tofuWe eat pounds tofu at chez Penguin Girl. I have used various techniques over the years to give it different texture. I like this new method I’ve come up with, it lets me play with a fun “new” feature of my stove and results in chewy tofu. While I’ve had a broiler for years it used to be poorly located. With this stove, it’s a “waist high” broiler which means I don’t have to do gymnastics (or lay on the floor) to use it. I wouldn’t recommend broiling tofu for all recipes, but I like how I’m not frying and it’s much faster than my previous oven-based methods. Plus, for now it’s different. It also seems to give the tofu enough body to hold up well in robust sauces and perhaps soups (I’ve not yet tried).

Broiled Tofu
firm or extra firm tofu
broiler pan
cooking spray
salt (if desired)
kitchen towels (real ones, not paper)
2 cutting boards or baking sheets
weights (I use whatever cans are in the pantry)

Drain tofu and slice into desired thickness and place on towel covered cutting board.
Cover with second towel and board and place weights on top.
Leave for 30 minutes to three hours.
When ready to cook, turn on your broiler according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Place tofu slices on broiler pan—I use the 20¢ disposable ones and spray it lightly with cooking spray.
If desired, cut up the tofu to the desired size at this point. (Though, the more pieces you make, the more you have to turn).
Place under the broiler until lightly browned, about 3 minutes.
Take broiler pan out and carefully turn all the pieces.
Place back under broiler for 2½ to 3 minutes.
Sometimes they puff up and bubble, watch carefully so they don’t burn.

Sprinkle with salt if desired and enjoy!