my work space each day

Desk 365.003In an effort to try to keep my desk clean, I decided to jump upon the 365 bandwagon.. but in my own way. (Confused as to what 365 is? It’s several things from what I’ve figured, try here, here, here, or here for examples.)

I’ve decided to photograph my workspace each day (baring 2-day yontif or other reasons causing this not to happen) and share it with the world. Why workspace and not desk? I am not always in my “office” all day every day. This is both good and bad, and well, in time, you’ll see what I mean. :)

My adventures may be found at this flickr stream and I will often put up multiple photos for each day, if I feel it’s warranted.

As I said, I’m doing 365 my way. Also, I don’t often have the luck and joy to sit outside and get work done, but when I can I’m really happy.

If I really wanted to embarrass myself I would do a “Couch 365” as it’s my flylady sink and I just can’t keep it clutter free for more than 5 minutes. *sigh*