choices, the other kind

Last week I showed a beautiful combination, this week I will highlight one that worked, but not quite as I intended. I wish I made different choices while making this and am thankful for the one goal it accomplished— using up some stash.

BYOB, taupe editionBYOB, taupe editionBYOB by Moira Ravenscroft
from Knitty, Summer 2008
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Cactus, Stone, and 1.5 skeins of Taupe.
Needles: 4.5mm (for base) 6.5mm for lace
CO: 20080727
BO: 20080903

The changes are many, some intentional and others not. The handles are knitted separate (about 14″ long) and sewn on, “reinforced” style. I prefer bags that are over my shoulder to free up my hands so I can knit while walking down the street. The lace panel is of fewer repeats than the pattern suggests due to gauge issues. I’m not even sure if the base is the right size. It seemed “big enough” so I stopped and started on the sides.

Why so many changes? I knitted under distraction (mostly in the car … in the dark) and didn’t really care if my gauge was far off, there is always a need for another bag. I just grabbed needles going more for cable length (this is knitted in the round) than the size.

When I knit the BYOB again I will go down significantly on the needle size to create a denser fabric to make this, in my eyes, a more practical bag. This particular edition still needs a few ends woven in and I will run it through the washer and dryer to see if it tightens up anything. I had originally intended this as a gift for my MIL but since it’s quite wonky I’m not sure if I wish to inflict it upon her.

I must declare once again my absolute LOVE for Cotton-Ease. It doesn’t tear up my hands and I love the colour choices.

Next week? We’ll see what my choices bring …