Beauty is discovering a perfect pairing of yarn, gauge, pattern, recipient, and (if necessary) button.

I have seen choices which make me shake my head, I’ve chosen many of them myself. It’s a part of the processes of learning and growing and being human.

Sometimes you make the perfect choice. Sometimes things just fall into place. Sometimes you are surprised and in love with the finished object despite having misgivings all the go.

It is with joy I share my Fluted Ribs Wrap with those who do not follow my flickr stream. I am in love with it and thankful for the nudge the Ravelympics gave me to finish. The mornings are now cool (mid-60°s this morning when we left for the train) and it’s perfect for when the office AC blows relentlessly on my back.

Fluted Ribs WrapFluted Ribs

by Robin Melanson

from Wrap Style

with 7 skeins of Knit Picks Shine Sport, Fedora (brown) (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal® natural beech wood fiber)

knitted with 4.0 mm Knit Picks Harmony Options

CO: 15 June 2008
BO: 22 August 2008

Modifications: I only knitted 35 repeats due to gauge miscalculations.

My Ravelry project page may be found here.

In order to wear this as soon as possible, I attached a button from my small button jar (mum and I have lamented over the loss of her buttons. I won’t go there right now. It makes me too sad and angry). When we buy garments with spare buttons they get dumped right into the jar. I learned years ago this is the best place for them. My first pick is a perfectly fine choice and can be seen in the modeled photos. However, I wasn’t totally happy with it. I wanted something a bit more … something.

I didn’t go to MJ Trim to purchase this as I find the selection there overwhelming and unnecessarily expensive.

new button This is one of a pair which cost $2.15 and I picked up at my favourite shop, PS Fabrics and Yarns. It makes me beyond happy and I think it ties the entire piece together exactly as I wanted.

I believe that it is a multitasking button which will feel as comfortable paired with denim as it does in an office setting. I do need to clean up and reinforce the button hole and make sure this one is firmly attached.

I will knit this wrap again. I want one in each of the many available colours of Shine Sport. I love how it feels. I love the length. I love just about everything about it.

Next time I will, however, recalculate everything to compensate for my gauge issue. I like the drape of the fabric on 4mm needles, I don’t plan on change that, but it makes the neck is slightly too large for me. If I did any more repeats it would wrap my shoulders instead. As the pattern is ribbed and therefore stretchy I worry it will become problematic as I wear the wrap more. I also wish I was able to knit “more around the circle” but it’s not entirely necessary.

I have many other things on the needles and in the works. I keep trying to knit and spin up everything I have but more things come home to visit and stay awhile. My goals for now are to complete cleaning up my Ravelry queue (go to #26 at the bottom of the page for an explanation as to what that means if you aren’t there already) which is currently hovering at 125. I’m going to de-queue many things and try my best to match patterns with yarns that I already own so that I have a realistic list. You can stop laughing now. But it’s a nice dream, no? ;)

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