We break from our regularly scheduled knitting projects to bring you a distraction in the form of the first of three “keppies” for Pamela to help her be prepared for the coming school year. The pattern is fun and fast. I just hope I find my 4.5mm needles to make it even better and not to stress so much about my gauge (i’m a little off, but I think blocking will fix it).

Keppie Aleph Keppie Aleph
(please feel free to click through to flickr to see bigger ones)

Keppie by Pamela Grossman, child size (~ 7″ diameter)
Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in lake and a bit in white.
5mm needles, a hodepodge of various dpn’s and circs.
Finished 19 August 2008 (CO 18 Aug 2008)

Pamela has decided to make enough of these for her kindergarten class for the coming year. I emailed her about helping her out and hope to finish two more of these by next Wednesday so they can be mailed off to her in time for the first day of class. The first one took longer than planned because I was busy reading while knitting and kept getting distracted. Please think good thoughts for all of us!

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  1. Good luck with knitting these! They’re very cute.

    limonene recently wrote Unraveling Rib Socks

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