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This summer I have had the good fortune of being part of a wonderful writing Co-op, The Word Nerd Co-op run by the amazing Beverly. Unfortunately my writing this summer has fallen the way of my socks; once I sign up for something this summer, I seem to loose the inspiration to continue with it. Well, that isn’t quite the right set of words. Hmm.. I think that has actually been my problem.

Except for last night. I wrestled my muse and I think we both brushed ourselves off and walked away happy.

In about forty-five minutes last night, with the ferocity of the thunderstorms we have recently been blessed with, I more than doubled the writing found within my summer exercise book. The words within took an unexpected turn based upon a memory and some recent reading, but it felt amazing. Thoughts, phrases, and a living scene flowed from my pen, and I’ve spent the day multi-tasking wanting to spend more time with this. It’s different from what I’ve been writing, but I was forcing a character and a place wanting it to work. I still want that story to work, but now is not the time for it. I see parts of both within my new creation, but time will tell what fruit these seeds bring.

I’ve also been reading and thanks to a new pillow catching up on sleep. Thus there isn’t as much reading as I would have liked, but sleep is very important too.

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I always fall hard for these

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  1. I know what you mean about being a different reader each time you reread something like Little Women. Sometimes we play games at work and cast each other in books. Every time, I’ve been cast as Beth – a little disturbing, since she dies, but my friends mean it kindly, and think I’d be the type to drop mittens out the window….

    melanie recently wrote peace shawl

  2. simple techniques a la Laura Ingalls Wilder simple “best practices” maybe, but the clothing they made for ‘Sunday best’ wasn’t necessarily made plain simple without embellishment (ruffles, poofy sleeves, etc.).

    I just bought (via the internet, the package arrived yesterday) fabric for a quilt for my daughter – she wants to learn to sew, and loved the picture I showed her of a baby crib quilt friends and I pieced for a mutual friend in college (OK, the quilters were students, married friend was not) – 3 color cubes with 6 pointed stars in relief.

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