Please note that this week E and I are taking a break from our respective offices and, as much as we are able, from computers. If your comment requires moderation I’ll attend to it after Tisha b’Av ends Sunday night, though most likely mid-day on Monday.

Since we completed rereading Bamidbar last week, this week we begin the book of Devarim, also known as Deuteronomy. We learn 1:1-3:22.

Devarim means words.

As it is the last shabbat before Tisha b’Av, it is Shabbat Chazon.

I am looking for a mogen dovid “icon” that can scale from say 48×48 to 16×16 and is similar to the other images appearing with the categories here. I found a flag, but while I have strong ties to Israel, I do not want to use it in this context. I’ve been playing with inkscape (I made the ball of yarn myself last year) and just can’t seem to get this one right. Can anyone help me out or point me to one that already exists?

We go directly from shabbat to Tisha b’Av. May you have an easy and meaningful fast.