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Since we’re in the “dog days of summer” and torrential downpours seem to do nothing to squash the humidity, I have just about enough energy to pull a book off the shelf and read for hours on end. This time of year I prefer rereading to new-reading. I am doing both this year. It does seem that I’m focusing on reading new interpretations of classic tales. I have a very large library of books which I’ve not yet read. It’s embarrassing actually.

I want to share two short essays(?) posts(?) about reading which caught my eye and express my thoughts more eloquently than I am currently able.

Jo Walton: “Why I Re-Read
Lolly: Conscious Decision

I generally keep my books open differently than Lolly does, but it’s nice to see someone else who shares my desire to do two things which I really enjoy at the same time.

This week I finished two amazing books. I have quite a few others I’m reading and rereading. Stay tuned next week to see what was finished next! ;)

(1) The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World by Vince Poscente. Think what you will of these sort of books, this was one I enjoyed. Why? I don’t feel he preached a certain “you must do this to succeed”. I felt more some guidance toward self reflection that meshed well with the measures I was currently taking anyway. Frankly I liked the short chapters and blank spaces on the pages. The doodles made me smile. I enjoyed it because it made me think and even before I was halfway done with it I was recommending it to people “I’m reading this book and it’s making me think”. Just because we can go/do/be faster doesn’t mean it’s the answer.

(2) Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier is the first book in the “SevenWater’s Trilogy”. Ms Marillier has retold a classic fairy tale in an enjoyable way which had me walking around the apartment with my nose in it to see how the story (the basic plot of which I know well) would unfold next. There were passages which left tears streaming down my face. There were passages which made me feel warm and fuzzy. There were passages well, ask me before you hand this to your child–they made me sad and angry. I personally see nothing wrong in any of it for most ages, but to each parent their own. I look forward to the next volume and have placed a hold request for it already.

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  1. The Poscente book sounds very interesting. Thanks for the thoughtful review (and for the link to my reading post!)

    lollys last blog post..Jacquard Resurrection

  2. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier

    OK, now I’m curious. . .

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