definitely not socks

I HATE this weather. I’m covered in sweat and heat rash. The grey skies for rain that doesn’t come except in sudden violent bursts leaves me achy and tired. The humidity distracted. I just want to spend all day napping. All that said, I seem to be making wonderful progress on long-standing projects for Work with (knock on wood) relative ease. I guess classes took up more of my brain-cycles than I thought?

So, while it is technically “Summer of Socks”, still goingI am wanting to do anything but knit socks. Which is really odd behaviour for me. I have yet to finish a pair since the solstice. Four heels are turned, but I’m finding other things randomly want on the needles and hooks. What probably hasn’t helped is I seem to have the never ending ball of yarn. Last summer I knit these anklets and still had yarn leftover. Since I had bought two balls and had only used part of one I found this amusing. So I cast on for one sock with the leftovers and the second with the new ball of yarn. I’ve now knit about 2″ past my ankle and i can probably go at least another inch before I have to switch to the other ball. which means I could potentially get 3 pairs of socks out of 2 balls of yarn. BTW the yarn is just Regia Cotton at about 200 meters a ball. I’ll leave you to think more about that. Yes, my feet are tiny.

new summer hatAnyway, as I was saying, I want to work on anything BUT socks. That has been quite good news for all the languishing wips in the apartment. I’ve spun 5-10 minutes every day (except for this weekend when I left the spindle at home) and am slowly making progress. I’ve knit on Seraphim and am now 6 rows (actually 12, but i could there and back as one) from starting the first chart. My goal is to knit two rows each day on it. Since it’s now 5pm and I’ve not yet, we’ll see how I do with this goal. I’ve knit a few more repeats on the fluted wrap. I’ve cleaned up the area around the stash and located the bulky clapotis again. E sometimes cranks up the AC (actually it’s just on low, but since we have no thermostat it’s either on or off) so I know I’ll work on this more. And this morning I realized I really did not want to knit socks (even though they were in my bag) so I grabbed a handful of circs, a ball of cotton-ease and this pattern. After spending much time with fingering or laceweight lately it (aran) seems bulky. ;) I think it’ll work well. I might just have to make another in a black-ish-super-dark-charcoal.

spindle progress another washcloth just one more loop mountain sunset progress

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  1. The slouchy hat! Cotton-ease will make a nice one.

    melanies last blog post..[whack!] I could have had a G-8! (or) what, no fava beans?

  2. I’ve seen your feet, and your socks, and yes, they are tiny!

    Devorahs last blog post..The Squid Knits Guide to the Homemade Egg Cream

  3. Yes, my feet are tiny.
    Smaller than a standard woman’s size 5? :)

  4. Maybe with the spinning you are doing you should have joined Tour de Fleece instead of Summer of Socks. I just have felt meh this summer and not like joining anything. Maybe next summer will be better!

    Yvonnes last blog post..Test, test…a couple of yarn tests…

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