ok universe, i get it

You are going to continue to tempt me to weave. You’re definitely hitting me when I’m weak. Later today (at 6:15pm) I’ll sit for the second written exercise for my class. I’m exhausted. I’ve been fending off “exhaustion” decisions and challenges all week.

Let’s look at this objectively. I have piles of yarn and fibre to knit, crochet, and spin. I’ve only been spinning for just under a year. I /am/ now spinning more regularly, about 10 minutes a day more regularly. I’m not being consistent with choosing spindle or wheel every day, but I am spending 10 minutes playing. I have some beautiful Lavendersheep on Squeaky right now and I’m experiencing some success with keeping both my twists and the single consistent. I’m just starting to create something I could knit or crochet with. I find weaving beautiful. Different. Almost instant gratification after the warp is “set”(?).

But really, there is no place to put a loom. Maybe a weavette of sorts can fit (maybe) but that’s about it. When and if we ever move to a larger space we can talk about this temptation again.

So, universe, stop tempting me. Please?

Hmm.. how can I throw you off?

I’ll knit up baby things, ok? Maybe I’ll even work on them in public? For example, last Friday I finished this gorgeous wee little thing:

dress for a little sisterLittle sister’s dress by Tora Fr

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  1. Lovely!!! Don’t let the weaving suck you in!!!

    Devorahs last blog post..First Day of Vacation

  2. The Schacht Flip doesn’t take up much room. Just saying!!

    beverlys last blog post..Strawberry Jam

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