ISO: Common Book

I’m In Search Of the perfect carry along book to be my Common Book. I’ve realized I miss having something to randomly scribble in throughout the day.

– affordable. $22 is a bit steep. $10 may be doable if it’s perfect.
– fountain pen friendly
– narrow rule. I *think* this means 5mm but it seems that most “college” ruled are about 6mm
– preferably a light rule too. I hate those super dark lines.
– I don’t really want a red margin line
– I’ll take grid if it’s light and small. Dots are ok too.
– I’d love non-white paper
– I’m torn on the sheet count. In the past I fill these quickly, but at the same time I don’t want to schlep tons of papers around. Right now I’ll say more than 60 sheets.
– sewn or at least not easy to tear out.
– numbered pages would make me really happy. Otherwise I think I’ll buy an auto-numbering stamp.
– I’d love a place to put the date in a format I like. I found this today and it makes me smile. But I also like to put the day of the week and have it “out of the way”.
– hard back, flat (or nearly) open.
– around the size of a standard composition book. I don’t want US Letter (or A4) sized. 5×8 is on the smaller side though.
– preferably a simple cover because my plan is to make a cover for it that will help it stay closed, protected, and provide at least one pen loop. (also my request is for a “standard” size so I can keep “refilling” it)
– I would like it semi easy to get my hands on. I hate paying shipping.

I’m currently contemplating a National Brand Chemistry notebook but wish it had more pages for the cost.

I have a feeling I won’t get all of my requests fulfilled but I’m curious suggestions. I have a list of some brands and books I’m going to look at today on my way to campus but I’m curious what suggestions my wonderfully eclectic readers have. Thank you!

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  1. How about the old-fashioned bookkeeping journals? They looked like this

    melanies last blog’s not easy being green

  2. I’m a Moleskine devotee ( I love the cahiers for my purse, and I have a pocket sized one for writing/revision notes. They make a larger soft cover one that might suit you, too! I can’t say enough about my love for these books!

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