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For many years I kept a notebook of quotes (from people or book passages) I enjoyed or thought important. Over time I dropped the practice and recently contemplated on how I missed it.

With the explosive growth of the internet, for many years I didn’t see the point in retaining my own “local copy” or writing it (or practically anything) “by hand”. I am slowly collecting quotes the way I used to, but that little notebook doesn’t allow for ease of sharing with the world (and why I really want to do this I’m not sure). Several months ago I created a tumblr account, but really didn’t know how or if I would choose to use it (If you haven’t yet figured out I’m burnt out on several ends).

I’ve decided that for the next two months it will be my public quote feed producer. The site is at penguingirl.tumblr.com and there is an RSS feed as well.

I’m not totally sure how this will play out, but I presume that a quote will appear at least once a week, perhaps more frequently, perhaps not. I plan to integrate the content of that site/feed into this site somewhere. As always, time will tell.

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  1. I have a Moleskine set aside for quotes – so far, I’ve collected the quotes, but I haven’t written them in the Moleskine!

    melanies last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

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