I had a post about all that I’m working on planned for today (in my head. I rarely write ahead of time).

Then I tried to buy buttons on the way home. I have a button jar (bottle, actually), but mum has not offered *her* button jar (I think it was tossed during a semi-traumatic move). Her jars were ones I have awesome memories of playing with as a child… running the different textures through my little fingers, and those smells. Oh the mix of smells…. So like several other libraries I built in my adult life, I am building my button collection from scratch. I don’t buy buttons as often as I should. I should just buy some because of whatever and I don’t. What perplexes me (although it probably shouldn’t as it is because I shop out of desperate need which is probably what curses me) is that I cannot find the cute amazing buttons everyone else seems to, even when going to the same button stores in the garment district. It will come in time.

anouk, detailToday, my quest was for 10 buttons, nothing super fancy. Nine plain for two different projects and a nicer one for the shoulder of anouk, which is complete (with horrible embroidery) except for buttons and blocking. As I had a visitor join me for tea and reading the other day, I decided a lady bug would be perfect. It was almost impossible to find one! However, I think I succeeded. I still believe it looks “cheap” but wasn’t ($1.85, for one plastic button!!). I hope that when Miss C finally receives this gift she likes it too.

I have quite a bit on the needles and not much time to work on any of it. My orginal goal was to finish seraphim for Shavout (starting Sunday night) but I’ve revised that to “get to chart one”. Which could happen. If I stop writing here and get back to work.

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  1. I don’t think it looks “cheap” at all!

    melanies last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem

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