only six

I only completed six books in the past two weeks. They are:

Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson
Species Imperative Trilogy: Survival, Migration, Regeneration by Julie E Czerneda
Little House on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride
Playing God by Sarah Zetter

It happens that in total they encompass over 1,680 pages (give or take a few and the fact that I can’t count today). Each book was interesting. I’m trying to break out of my normal reading habits and find authors I’ve not read before. Three of the four authors came by way Ravelry threads that looked interesting. Little House on Rocky Ridge was recommended highly by both LC and Devorah thank you both! I’m going to try to read the rest of the series, but slowly. One book a week, tops. ;)

I’d love to try to write 500 words on each one. Instead I’ve chosen “one” to try to focus on.

I want to give a few more words to Ms Czerneda‘s Species Imperative trilogy, considering I was smart and brought the first two books home together but was stupid and didn’t immediately bring the third. I was very close to buying it at the bookstore one night just so I could finish the story. Why did I like it so? Perhaps because it centers around someone I understand. Someone I could *be* (or at least wish I were). Mac. Ms “I study salmon”. Ms I’ll do it myself. Ms smart female scientist who had moved up in the world.

Ms Czerneda’s three book tale of this biologist named “Mac” and her unexpected trip away from her beloved salmon to save the Worlds was a very delightful read. In fact, I devoured it, as mentioned above. The world she created was one I could see. One I could be a part of. One I could feel, so rich and vibrant are the details she paints. A world that had me shuddering at scurry, here, in real space.

I think this interview explains a lot, Ms Czerneda is Canadian. Of course she’s perfect! (in my next life I’ll be Canadian, all the ones I know ROCK).

Please check out this wonderful author if you haven’t already. I’m searching for more of her work to consume and the time with which to do so.

I’ve teamed up with a group of wonderful people in the Word Nerd Co-op put together by Beverly. Isn’t she awesome? I have no idea what this will bring for me, but I hope something positive.