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Devorah is my photographic inspiration for today. Her photos of the city we both call home remind me to stop and look up, really up. And over. And down. Just look.

I’m embarrassed often to take out my camera, least I be mistaken a tourist or something. (Well, that and my desire to take photos of trains and other bits of infrastructure which these days can be difficult to do. But I don’t want to go there tonight.)

For example, one morning last week some water was gurgling out of the side walk near the Croton Distributing Reservoir, er sorry, Bryant Park. ;) Did I step out of the river of people to take a photo? No. I walked to the office as if the buildings and life around me were invisible.

I lost my chance. The next day found that stretch of concrete replaced by a steel plate.

Devorah, thank you for the inspiration. Please don’t stop.

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  1. Thanks for the thanks!

  2. You’re worried about being mistaken as a tourist? I LOVE being a tourist in my own town. When I’m out walking in a city like Boston, there’s no other way for me to feel. And I carry my camera in my hand. What do I care what people think? You take photographs for YOU first. So, get out there, look around, and USE that camera! Once you start looking at your hometown through the eye of the lens, you’ll see it in a whole new way. It makes you focus your eye and attention to details you’d never see otherwise. Really. Try it.

    Dave Danielss last blog post..Silver Sapphire 3-Ply Handspun

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