3 R’s

The 3 R’s have been drilled into our heads, and who can’t draw the icon from memory reminding us of the cycle of our waste.

I know I thought I’d write on water last week, but this week the size of our garbage contents is forcing me to rethink that post. I am often amazed at how much stuff two people can create. In general I’m talking laundry, but it does also jump over to to the trash can and recycling bin. Thankfully recycling for us is super easy, we just put it in the appropriate bin next to the garbage chute (which lucky or not for us is right outside our door).

As I wrote on Saturday night, however, we don’t currently compost and many organic things are frequently tossed out with the rest of our trash. This saddens me as I grew up taking the vege rejects outside and tossing them either for the various creatures to snack on or to turn into new dirt.

I suppose I could box/bin things up and make frequent trips to my inlaws if they had a bin, but er … I’m not so sure about that.

Sure there are quite a few different articles on the topic of composting and waste reduction in general, but with space at a very high premium I’m torn. I am quite conscious about the type of container I bring foods home in (not just the vessel to transport the lot to my shiny kitchen), but I feel I should be doing more to reduce the trash we produce.

In general, I’ve tried (with various success) to choose objects which will last and not be a disposable good very quickly or can be broken down and reused after the current life-span has been exhausted.

My quest this week is to get B&H to stop sending us their huge catalogs. We never look at them, preferring the website. Plus they go straight to the paper recycling bin.

Suggestions? I hope not to pounce on thoughts like i did last week. So far this seems like a good week…