progress and some bookmarks

I recently participated in a book and bookmark swap organized by the wonderful Zoë. I was spoiled by and had the opportunity to spoil the talented Jennifer.

I had a very difficult time choosing a book and ended up sending two. I must admit I didn’t send the third because while I’m rereading all three of them, that one wouldn’t fit in the envelope! I knit two bookmarks for Jennifer, both out of DMC pearl 8 cotton. I used 1.5mm needles and hope to soon purchase a finer gauge needle.

bookmark for jennifer bookmark for Jennifer

The blue-grey one is "waves from the top" by silvia harding and the red one is based on the lace chart in the May/June 1998 Piecework. I had TONS of fun knitting these and expect to make more in the future.

I can’t divulge some of my other stealth projects but they will all come in due time. It’s definitely good to make me practice patience. ;)

Other progress is coming together. I’m making washcloth progress and have declared some love for garter. Which is good because I see a BSJ in my near future. Why?

Anouk is almost done.

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  1. The bookmarks are both really pretty! I’m sure she will enjoy them =)

    Yvonnes last blog post..Knitting at the Sea Shore

  2. Oh how lovely to send two bookmarks. I can see them more clearly on these photos and they are really nice. I have recently used DMC cotton and knitted a beaded bracelet. It’s nice to knit with once you get used to it.

    Zoes last blog post..Whit Monday

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