pink rice

pink rice!This article saddened me greatly last week. I hate when I toss spoiled food. No, I do not have a compost bin in the apartment. I would love one, but that might push E too far. I the woods (where I grew up) and many of the freedoms that granted me which I didn’t realize at the time.

I track our finances pretty closely and can state that as compared to this time last year, somehow I’ve reduced our grocery spending. I’m not sure how I accomplished this feat considering prices of everything have gone up and I’m eating completely gluten free now. Part of me believes it is because I’m planning meals better to reuse leftovers and I’m not tossing as much as I did last year. Why did I toss a lot? Our refrigerator did not seal well. The new refrigerator keeps things fresher for much longer. I used to have to throw out milk that was opened on Saturday by the following Wednesday. That’s terrible and pained me greatly. Now E often finishes it the folowing Saturday if I hadn’t used it up throughout this week.

Nu (so), How can you test your fridge sealing? Take a dollar bill and close the door on it. If you can pull it out you need to replace the door sealing. I’ve tried proving this to a certain family member and she doesn’t seem to want to replace hers. She also stuffs her fridge full. I’m not sure if that is good or bad if every space inch of space is filled. I don’t think so, but I have not yet researched this. I just can’t figure out why. But she and I have been disagreeing about this practice for many years. Sure I often don’t have ingredients I might need… but I find it leads to creativity. :)

This week, I wanted to try to use up some items in the fridge before they met our garbage chute. I had a partial can of sliced beets and some pineapple chunks about to become biology experiments (I’m allergic to penicillin so I don’t care for those sorts of experiments). Thanks to some googling I made Beet, Pineapple and Tofu “risotto”. I didn’t really make risotto but made it with some (white) rice we had on hand. It was very very good even if it was pink.

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  1. When I looked a the photo, I thought it was a bouquet!

    melanies last blog post..the things we’d never imagine

  2. A full refrigerator is more efficient then an empty one because the contents hold the cold and hence keep the temperature more constant.

    Devorahs last blog post..Riding Through Fleet Week

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