choosing carefully

I’ve had one of those weeks. Not TERRIBLE, but not a week I’d like to repeat.

The post which should be here has weighed in my mind for the past few weeks and I realize that I need to postpone it and think about the big picture of what’s here, when it’s here, why it’s here, and what I want to do about it.

Part of my week being as it was is because of lack of communication.

I find it hypocritical for me to not post about what I said I would for today. What is helping me right now is that I’m posting this instead. I’m telling you not to expect something. In writing. Where you expect to find something. I didn’t just update the schedule (do you know where that is?) and write “no post today” nor did I just skip putting anything here for today (sorry to clutter the RSS reader and freak you out), perhaps I’m providing too much information.. but I feel that my few readers (knitters and not) deserve respect and an explanation, however brief.

I also need to choose my words carefully. A careless choice can lead to a different and unintended impression. I’ve been rereading various writing from this week and I’m not thrilled with some of my word choices.

I must work further on this.

Wishing happier things for you… I did have a nice 20 minutes of sun to knit in while sitting on a bench outside today.

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  1. That’s the ticket — try to take pleasure in the small things …

    Devorahs last blog post..One Word

  2. Sometimes the most difficult thing about being articulate is dealing with it when you aren’t!

    melanies last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

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