Now: (with natural grey icky light)

DMC Cotton Perle 8

You may not notice a difference, but I do.

Both (I can vouch for the “now” one, but I am making an assumption on the “then” as well as I know myself …. sorta) are SOOC (straight out of the camera).

Who inspires me? For the knitters who read this site (which seems to be the only ones any more) it may come as no surprise for me to say Jared inspires me to take better photos. He may be the largest reason for my macro desires. Hopefully by just looking at all his photos time and time again maybe I’ll learn something. Time will tell.

(Note just because you ain’t first doesn’t mean you don’t inspire me or that I love you less. MANY of you do. Trust me. Someone had to be first and I chose Jared.)