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ego eco?

Anyway, as I’m still drying out from a very late out of the office i’ve not had lunch yet it’s raining pretty steadily walk home … and this is a topic I’d like to get back into writing about (since it’s been over fifteen years), I’m curious..

What is one thing you’ve recently done in a conscious effort to do better for the environment?

Moi? I’m trying not to replace tech gadgets just because a new flashier model is out. Sure, part of it is economics, but I really don’t see the point in replacing my cell phone each year. It’s not really “free” no matter what the company or really nice sales guy tells you (the most recent person to do this knows who she is and she should know i’m not happy about her doing it). My iPod is going strong and my (this is embarrassing) three laptops are all working. Sure I don’t have the latest OS and I can’t view videos on my particular iPod, but do I really *need* to upgrade? I know, I know, I just bought a new digital camera, but I’ve not tossed (and won’t) the old one. That was not a light decision er well, yes it was, but the decision wasn’t made lightly and I almost bought the prior model (which wouldn’t have had a key feature I need, but I digress)

I’m also trying to remember to shut out lights when I’m done*. Huh? Shouldn’t I just do this? Well, when I lived by myself I always knew if I was done with the light or whatever. Now that E could be in the mix I often forget (even when I’m alone for hours) and think perhaps he might need it. Which is silly especially when I end up with the kitchen, main room, bathroom and bedroom lights all on. There are at most two of us here and as far as I know we can only be in one room at a time. He reprimanded me on this the other day and I’ve been trying to be better about it. It hasn’t helped me that our electricity is bundled into the maintenance and I don’t see the month-to-month usage. I find therefore I’ve had a difficult time finding a strong incentive. Which is also silly.

I have no guarantees how long this new topic will last, especially if I’m writing stuff like this in the second week, but time will tell.

*and it’s not shabbat. that’s what timers are for. yes it’s weird and i don’t totally get it, but c’est la vie.

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  1. I’ve read and heard so many suggestions about small things one can do that add up. For example, if everyone ate one meatless meal per week, enormous amounts of the energy used for processing, shipping, etc. would be saved. Changing four lightbulbs per household to fluorescents would make an enormous difference. I think we stress ourselves too much over things that aren’t really under control, and focus too little on the things we can do!

    melanies last blog post..Friday fill-ins

  2. About 75% of our bulbs are compact fluorescents, and I’ve picked up (and given to others) a few reusable bags (made of recycled plastic fiber) at Target. One style flat-folds into a zipper pocket and is only 99 cents. I keep forgetting I have them when I go on bigger shopping trips and am about to start keeping one at the bottom of my purse at all times.

    Plum Texans last blog post..What I’ve been doing, part 1

  3. On Monday it was warm enough out that I dried 2 loads of laundry on the line! I am not a fan of hot weather, but it does make me happy that I don’t have to run the dryer as much!

    Yvonnes last blog post..And the Winner is…

  4. -I carry a tote bag in my purse and thereby refuse to take plastic bags from stores.
    -I do not leave the water running or the lights on.
    -I give things I no longer want to charity instead of tossing them.
    -I take the subway as much as possible instead of driving.
    -I use rubbing alcohol and vinegar to clean my windows and countertops instead of polluting detergents.

    Things I am still not good with:
    -Ordering delivery food which results in wasted plastic containers (i hate reusing them more than once since they are not airtight and therefore not hygienic)
    -Leaving the computer on.
    -Using laundry detergent and dish detergent as well as pine sol on my floors. I have yet to find a bio-friendly alternative that feels as clean as the polluting detergents.

    Esthers last blog post..hi blogosphere

  5. I finally purchased a digital camera – my film 35mm SLR circa 1989 still works fine, but after 10+ years, it will be nice to have a camera DH can use without my setting everything first. And now I won’t be buying film for it. But in general, we’re a fairly low (# of) tech product household.

    Compact fluorescent bulbs most places, we lower the heat to 60 most nights, hot water heater at 120 and don’t use heated dry on the DW, try to leave the 2 reuseable bags I got free with an internet purchase of (gasp) cloth diapers in the car so they’re available when needed.

    Line drying won’t work for us, as the cost in allergy/asthma meds would skyrocket due to the pollen.

    And meatless meals? We do those more often than not – the kids highly prefer cheese &/or pasta based dinners.

    And as far as only knitters still reading/posting here – I guess I’m the exception?

  6. Since I suddenly have a roommate, I am dealing with the “when to turn out the lights” issue as well. I guess the worst that would happen is that he has to turn them back on, huh?

    Kat with a Ks last blog post..Not Wednesday. Randoms anyway.

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