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my laura books While not sleeping or at work this past week, I reread my Laura series. It had been well over a decade and in the time since my hands last held the yellow covered books, I graduated high school, college, and married. I know that this time around I found a different reading than I have in years past. I read more between the lines and heard what was left unsaid. I sat in awe (with tears flowing down my face) over The Long Winter and well, every book of the strength of Ma and Pa, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace. I recalled the numerous sewing references, but I was surprised at the knitting and crochet. As always I stayed up late reading to finish a book or chapter. This time I found the short length of the books a treat, along with the large font for my tired eyes. In the past I would often skip Farmer Boy but this time I found it very enjoyable. I smiled throughout These Happy Golden Years and am still amazed at all that was done then. I meant to mark a passage Pa said, either during The Long Winter or Little Town on the Prairie about progress and how people rely on things when perhaps they shouldn’t or how they seem to forget other ways to get to the same end. My heart broke anew when Laura’s teacher apologized for not graduating her but holding her back.

I know a different reader read The First Four Years this past week and smiled at no matter how things change, they stay the same. There is no primer for growing older and having to learn things such as being husband and wife and parent. I am saddened at how sometimes we’re not told of certain things, only to find them out on our own (marriage and children things come to mind). I’m not going to muse publicly any more about that here…

I must admit that I have spent the past week wanting to plait my hair in braids and churn butter and knit lace. I have been working on the lace, but should that surprise anyone? I still might do the butter, but that’s more from reading Blue Lotus than Laura. It’s been on my list. :)

Next on my agenda it to try to track down the biography of Laura I read in 1989. It was one of the thickest books in my school library which was a leading factor as to why I picked it way back when. There are a few potential candidates in my new school library (believe it or not) so we’ll see. Not that I have any recollection beyond I believe it was titled simply Laura. I do want to read some commentaries and criticisms on the text as I’ve always read the series for fun and never before thought too in depth about it…

I also want to try to find some writing by her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. If I can I’d like to read up on other women who moved West and left their words for others…

Because I have nothing else to do or read, there is an Anne book that I’ve been hearing about that I hope to snag at the public library tomorrow. ;) I just renewed my Uni library books through October so that gives me some time on them, the typeface is small so I’ve been avoiding them this past week.

I’m saddened at how fast my little summer vacation has flown and how I’ve slept through most of it (my sinuses hate me).

If you’ve never read any of Laura’s books, they are fast and enjoyable reads. I can’t pick out any one favourite, I guess if you are a boy, I guess I’d suggest Farmer Boy… Overall Laura wrote of a life I can’t totally comprehend, since I know a world where iron horses can fly, but one I respect and admire.

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  1. That is the exact same set of Laura books that I have! I love them! This last week has been really good at finding new books that I would like to read. There are the Laura books, the Anne books, the Narnia books, Snow Crash, and many other books every time I turn around!

    Yvonnes last blog post..Moving up!

  2. Try reading the fictionalized accounts of Rose’s life. They provide an interesting perspective on how things changed during Laura’s life.

  3. I think the books I wanted to point out are the ones Devorah mentioned – there is a whole series of “Rose” books, very much in the style of the original ‘Little House’ series, written by Rose’s ‘honorary grandson’, Roger MacBride (excuse me while I go verify . .)

    Yup, that’s the name. Wikipedia has some other cool info I never would have guessed at, apparently he was into politics as well, AND involved with the TV series.

  4. I think I might have that biography. I’ll keep my eyes open for it as I unpack my books and let you know the publication info if I find it.

    Kat with a Ks last blog post..Not Wednesday. Randoms anyway.

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