looking anew

I’m not sure if this will become a “regular” post or not. I’d like it to be. We’ll see how my energy holds.

With my new camera which lets me take macro shots (YAY!!!) I’m seeing the world anew and trying to capture what I see, both in close detail and at large.

I’m also trying to get used to having a camera with me at all times.. I can count many things over the past weeks which I’ve wanted to take a picture of but didn’t because I didn’t have the camera out and ready or I was embarrassed to take a photograph.

– A new (still shrink wrapped) R-something train undergoing testing on the N/Q track at Union Square last Friday. It pulled into the station and I was standing right near the door and could have taken BEAUTIFUL shots. I was soaking wet and carrying eggs. That’s my excuse. It still pains me greatly.
– A bird taking a bath in a puddle on my walk home yesterday. By the time I fumbled for my camera it had flown away.
– An accident on our way out of JFK after dropping off E’s parents this evening .. I found the light pole that was hit at an interesting angle and found the ring of personnel around it fascinating. It appeared that everyone involved was physically ok.
– A woman playing harp in Bryant Park one morning about two weeks ago. I took two photos, but they are terrible, she’s really far away and you can’t see the harp profile at all. I was too embarrassed to walk back and try again.
– Not really taking any at Maryland. I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to take these types of photos, E does all the time (but hasn’t updated his site in eons as he’s really busy with b-school).

swell yarns, detail

So what might end up here? I expect my thoughts as I better learn lighting and style and “framing” of each shot. Maybe my favourite photo of the week. Discussion of other photographers (besides my husband) who inspire me. I’m really not sure.

Time will tell.

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  1. Such pretty yarn!
    I can imagine the picture of the bird in the puddle. What would have been reflected in the puddle?

    melanies last blog post..still here

  2. Taking a picture of the train might have brought down the wrath of Homeland Security. Now isn’t that a better excuse then the eggs? ;-)

    Devorahs last blog post..Doing Good and Riding Through the Week

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