let the creating commence!

First: I’m sorry it’s so cold in NYC today. I put away my winter clothes this weekend. I’m not responsible for the rain. It’s a Monday, what more do you want?

As I submitted my Project on Friday my other hand was grabbing for needles and yarn.

What was I casting on for?

a hug for mumA Hug for Mum
Weaver’s Wool Mini Shawl by Peggy Pignato
Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (3 balls of steel blue, 1 ball of grey)
6.5mm bamboo circs
CO: 20080509 around 11am
… שׁבּת …
BO: 20080511 @ 1:30am
This is the pattern that has made me like garter! I just wish I had more yarn to make it a bit longer, but mum says it’s ok. Why did I make this? Mum said she gets really cold at her work in the summer and her swallowtail is too delicate. May she wear it in good health and stay warm.

I’ve been chugging away at many other things too.

On the way out to see mum I finished the front of Anouk and started the back. I need to check my stitch count at the top, because no matter how I do it, I end up with 4 stitches for the shoulder straps and that doesn’t sound right. I’ve not taken photos of it because it is so grey and dismal outside and the colours really do need sunlight to look nice.

Speaking of grey I’m nearing the end of the Earl Grey socks. I’m not totally thrilled with the cable definition or my lack of ability to flip the chart but I am chugging on anyway. They make me happy and I have a feeling I’ll make them (or similar) again. I’m not sure what’s up next after them, but do need to decide soon. I hope to finish these soon.

And, in a nod to Maryland last week (yes I bought a lucet (which I’ve only used for about five minutes), my other purchases were some silk (which refuses to be photographed as it’s shyer than I am, which is why my MDSWF experience wasn’t quite as I had wanted so I probably won’t write more about it).

I also bought i can spin cotton!a new spindle. And wow. I can spin cotton now. It’s all about not trying to do wool-type drafting (aka remembering the staple length is much much shorter) and using a support spindle and something to support it with. I’m using a kitchen prep cup which seems to work quite well as one side is higher than the other so it works well in my lap, but I’m not yet married to this.

Hopefully next week I’ll still have survived to write about some other projects (seraphim, teasing on some stealth projects, the summer of clapotis and socks) and the results of fessing up the full contents of the stash to E (well… almost)

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  1. Funny, I usually don’t like the look of garter stitch, but it’s really pretty in those colors.

    melanies last blog post..Miss Marple scarf exchange

  2. Go cotton!

    Devorahs last blog post..Wandering and Wondering

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