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I must admit that I haven’t actually /finished/ any books this past week. Mostly because I slept over shabbat and my eyes are still really tired from the stress of the past few weeks. I’m debating between going for an eye check now why my eyes are at their worst or waiting a few weeks for them to heal.

But I did read two magazines which I feel deserve a special mention, the most current issues of Piecework and Living Without.

I’ll allow you one guess as to what caught my eye in the May/June 2008 issue of Piecework.


Actually, it was the bonus which made me shell out $6, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Filet Crochet Doily. I’m not a fan of filet crochet (that whole chain 9-trillion doesn’t do much for me), but I’m a huge sucker for Laura. I recently liberated my set of Little House books from my mum’s, and it was a tradition in my childhood to read, reread, and rereread the series every summer. As I’ll designate these three weeks summer vacation part I, I plan to open Little House in the Big Woods either later tonight or tomorrow. It’s been at least a decade since I last read these books so I’m quite curious to see a) how quickly I read them and b) what my reactions today are.

The rest of this Piecework also really appealed to me Nancy Bush’s leaves and cable lace socks and discussion of the “Cavandoli technique” (oh the DMC memories) both give me a case of startitis. Oh wait, did you see Deborah Robinson’s knitted lace fans? Wow. I think I might actually use up my thread stash this way. Which is a shame in the way as it is the only part of the stash that doesn’t take over the apartment.

Though I gifted my mother with something small today in appreciation of all that she does, she gave me a very nice gift — the April/May 2008 issue of Living Without. I’ve been saying recently that I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a gf/allergy magazine and surprise! this magazine is a decade old!! Where have *I* been? I’ve read through it once and have taken as much joy from the many advertisements (cRc thank you for certifying many gluten free goods, though PLEASE remove the hideous blink from your web page) as from the articles and recipes within. I’m happy that it appears that this magazine will soon be published more frequently and I wish the publisher, Peggy Wagener a refuah shleima.

If you look at any of my current reading lists, they look heavy on the dry stuff. I definitely need to find some sci-fi. We’ll see what follows me home from the library tomorrow.

Here’s to a week of wonderful reading!

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  1. I love rereading the Little House books! Have a great time of it.

    Devorahs last blog post..Folding Bikes Rock!

  2. I just rescued my Little House books from the garage yesterday! They were with my Anne books, too. Now I just have to decide which series to start, because I love them both so much!

    Yvonnes last blog post..Sock Club!

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