recipe for a perfect meal

a perfect meal

– Box of plain cereal (i.e. Cheerios or Rice Chex)
– Fingers
– Bowl (optional)
– braid wool rug (optional, though full of memories, best for those under age seven adults and older children seem to have a problem with this ingredient)

– Open box & bag inside finding an adult to assist if necessary.
– If desired pour into bowl.
– Otherwise scoop out handfuls and enjoy. Pick out of rug if using. Rug method not recommended if you have young puppies.

Huh? I have never put milk in this type of cereal, I find it absolutely disgusting. Perhaps it’s because I drank Isomil until age six (pre-Lactaid milk era) and according to my parents I had a good reason to not put *that* on cereal. The only cereal I’d put milk in was grape nuts (and even that I have to do real quick b/c the smell grosses me out and it took me until I was 17 to be able to attempt this), which then was microwaved turning it into a hot cereal. For me the perfect cereal is a plain un-sugary (as much as possible with corn syrup in everything these days) finger food.

[yes this was pre-drafted and a scheduled post. it was slightly edited after intial post. it may be edited further for clarity in the future. it may not be … as a reminder to myself of edit first, post second. quality over quantity!]