it’s still drying

I really want to show you beautiful photos of the Dragon Wrap I completed [finally], but it’s still pretty damp. Why? It’s very dark, grey, and wet outside. I don’t think that the photo I took of the blocked stitch detail is very exciting or good (despite the new camera, I’m blaming the weather), so I’ll wait until next week to share. It took me long enough to knit, waiting an extra week to share the details shouldn’t bother me too much. My goal is to mail it tomorrow if it’s dry and I can find Miss J’s address. A terrible photo of it blocking may be found on flickr.

Next up is finishing Anouk, then onward to knitting for more boys and girls both big and small. Maybe I’ll finish my Veste since I seem to be trying to clear the WIP list.

camera case, swatchLast night, as soon I could get to the yarn and a crochet hook, I started making my camera case. At least I tried to start. I’ve now swatched three different attempts and none make me pleased or really represent the case I have perfectly designed in my head. I have a feeling that the hook will be laid aside and needles picked up. Unfortunately, switching hook sizes did not produce the miraculous change I was looking for in the fabric .

A short post so I can devote words to the other Final paper and presentation I must write and give for tomorrow and to leave fodder for the remainder of the week. I must state that I bought the last box of rice chex this afternoon. And it was good.