books: the first days

First, THANK YOU!! The presentations went very very well yesterday and my classmate and I are both relieved but there is still a considerable amount of paper editing before we can be Finished completely. My upcoming deadlines include Tuesday (presentation/paper for the other course due) and May 9th (Final Paper due). That Rice Chex are now gluten free has me believing this process won’t be as difficult as previously believed. ;) Well, I’ll be joining the 5 year olds in the cereal aisle on Sunday night.

Onward to books:

We’ve established I read a lot. Put in a 3-day Shabbat/Yontif combination along with avoidance of the looming deadlines and you find books finally finished and a large chunk of others started.

However, I still haven’t yet had the time to properly draft posts. At the end I’ll fully disclose why I may have been distracted today..

In author alphabetical order …

Gods and Androids
by Andre Norton

Becoming American Women: Clothing and the Jewish Immigrant Experience, 1880-1920 by Barbra Schreier

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick

by Ondori

But what to say about them? Go read them all. Schreier’s book is one I’d been looking for many years ago. I had no idea that Bladerunner was based on Do Androids Dream, it had just been on my reading list for eons. When I realized it was a very short book I decided to tackle it sooner rather than later. I’m glad I did but still need to process it all. Does anyone know the English term for the process described in the japanese book? Also, does anyone know a source in the city for macram

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  1. Congratulations on the new camera! The macro of your knitting is wonderful – the sheen of the tencel is clear and delicious.
    And – that is one adorable penguin!

    melanies last blog post..Booking through Thursday

  2. Great shots! Mazel tov on your new arrival. ;-)

    Devorahs last blog post..Squid on Feet: On the way to (and from) Chinatown

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