Completed Cranium Cranium
by Chloe Nightingale
from Crochet Me
Of course I finish my new pesach hat in time for the weather to finally be warm. It’s perfect for my needs.

I am tempting the knitting gods & goddesses (as well as the master of editing) in stating that I’m attempting to also complete Sandi Wiseheart’s Summer Lace Shawlette in time for Pesach. The shul where we attend services has a very temperamental AC unit in the women’s section. I’m generally either sweating in all my nice clothing or freezing my butt off. This seemed like a nice compromise. I’m at row 54/60 for the “main part” when i hit row 59 I’ll be at 189 stitches per row. This crazy knitter actually worked on it on the train home. It was nice, I got stuck at Jay Street for what felt like an hour and knit a row I didn’t think I’d accomplish. Once I complete the “main section” (through row 60) I have two more rows of stuff before i do the border (8 rows) and edge (another 8). and then bind off.

RIGHT. I’ll make it. I wasn’t going to confess this knit unless I completed it, but it’s zoomed by and has been great bribery knitting this week.

pesach 5768 shawl progress, 20080414 pesach 5768 shawl progress, detail, 20080414 socks progress, 20080414

Socks. Socks are progressing quite well and I’m debating if I want to try to make these knee highs or just be sane and start the ribbing shortly. I’m impressed I’ve had the patience to make them this long.

Baby stuff. Another one is iy’h on his way now and I’m ignoring all the knits. That’s not entirely true, I’ve worked a little on the anouk, and I’ve petted the wrap and bought thread to make sure my ends are woven in well. [I’m paranoid].

And last but not least, Happy Anniversary my love. We’ve survived three years and I look forward to the next many many years together.

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  1. Happy annniversary – congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wooohooo!

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