a plan for potato & eggs

With pesach so late in spring, I have even less desire than normal to prepare heavy “traditional” meals (translation: lots of meat and potato. YUCK). I’ve spent the past week pouring over cookbooks and making samples and triple checking the list of kitniyot (seriously, if we ate them, our diet wouldn’t change much for those eight days, and I greatly miss popcorn).

The largest challenge is keeping us fed while we’re at the office for the “middle days” (Tues – Fri). That Wednesday will be my challenge as I must give a coherent final presentation on the Project that evening.

I have a plan. We’re just back from the stores to attempt to make the plan a reality. Though we just realized we forgot about eating /this/ week. Certain items seem more over priced than years past ($10 for rainbow cookies?) and I’m having a difficult time finding butter [added: this shouldn’t surprise me as most people eat MEAT all week, I did purchase 2 sticks]. But other items seem easier to find and less expensive. I’m really happy I bought my matzoh when I did as I’ve not seen ANY since. Tonight our ShopRite had Be’er Mayim Ginger Ale shelved with the actual soft drinks (this is my favourite brand of ginger ale and more so over pesach)!

Additional time will be spent at the Green Markets this week to pick up last minute items, and if I get my writing act together, I’ll post a few bonus pieces this week and next to make up for a weekend yontif.

In the you learn something new every day.. we feel dumb. Tapioca is not rice or a rice derivative. wiki proof. We found some “tapioca flour” kosher l’pesach. I shall experiment.

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! Good luck finding the rest of the foods you need!

  2. Is there such a thing as gluten-free matzo? Hmmm. Tapioca gives me the willies, at least in pudding form.

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