after the honeymoon

I’ve written on this topic before, and don’t really mention much about it anymore. Information overload on this topic is common and it’s (in my opinion) often overdone on the “interwebs” and doesn’t help anything.

What am I planning on writing about? I’ll pose a question first and provide the following disclaimer that this post isn’t as maturely developed as I wish. (as always)

Beyond cult followings, successful book and further marketing/branding opportunities, what are the main similarities between FlyLady and GTD?

I plan to focus on one today, leaving the others for another day.

1) Set time goals
2) Break tasks/projects down based on routines or context
3) revisit the big picture often.



Two more quick things:
1) My name isn’t really Penny, it’s Procrastination Annie.
2) “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” ~ Parkinson

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3 Replies to “after the honeymoon”

  1. Oh dear. Now you’ve given me more things to load onto my already-groaning mp3 player!

    It’s a wonderful idea to set time goals; it’s also odd that I don’t do it, since I’m a fanatic about wearing a watch. (I’ve been known to buy a cheap one, or borrow one, if I’m far from home and have forgotten to wear one.)

    Focusing on one task is another good goal. Hmmmm.

    Great post, Penny!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post — so wise and so true! I will have to borrow a lot from you! :) I also need to learn to devote myself to one task at a time and really focus on it.

  3. Interesting analysis of your methods for keeping on track. I like how you keep track of time. I may have to suggest some of these methods (muni meter and such) to my daughter who, also, refuses to wear a watch. (Unlike her brother, who just put on his watchES.

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