space veges write!

The allergic reaction Friday evening put a large damper on my weekend reading plans. The large amount of editing (and writing) I need to do between now and Wednesday will put a larger block to completing books this coming week.

Prelude to Space by Arthur C. Clarke
Hardback: 209 pages
© 1954, 1970 (first published 1951 according to wikipedia)
Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. New York
Reading Clarke’s first published novel was my attempt to honour a prolific author and skilled engineer. It’s amazing to me to read a work of this topic that still felt timely and “right” written prior to the launch of sputnik. I know I am relatively young, but reading this reminded me exactly how much the world has changed in the past few decades. I’m not sure what else to write about this other than I enjoyed stepping back and pretending that I was my mother in high school and reading this as science fiction and not truth. Sputnik launched while mum was in high school though she was in college when Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the moon. Oh and she’s 29 today too! ;) Before life changed the direction I’ve taken, I wanted to be involved in astronautics and hopefully be part of the space program and travel either to the moon or Mars (I’m not picky). These days I’m pretty ignorant of much of the program and the details but still take refuge in lost dreams.

The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Berley
Paperback: 464 pages
© 2004
William Morrow Cookbooks
I had a 25 percent discount to a certain book store and the purchase of this over The Flexitarian Kitchen came out to pure cost. Since the majority of what I cook /is/ actually Vegetarian this seemed like a good pick. As a winning factor was that there are some suggested menus included. I’m still poor at mixing things up beyond a main dish and salad. It’s a little silly to be reading a book full of kitniyot this close to pesach, but I do find it inspiring and hope it will provide inspiration as I use up what I can and in the weeks and months after passover.

Not that you could tell from this site, but several people have recently complimented me on my writing and my ideas (as related to writing). This is a very odd feeling as I’ve spent the past decade relearning how to write after a few very disastrous English & Writing courses in both High School and University. I totally relate (though on a drastically smaller scale) to the fear Stephanie feels when a book comes out. That I fail to improve the content here hasn’t helped. We will see what time (and editing) bring. Perhaps this idea will assist in bringing something to fruition sooner rather than later.