just in time for spring

I finished a heavy thick warm cozy beautiful wool wrap. Actually given the rainy Monday I think it is just in time to curl up with it, a cup of tea and a good book. :)

River Wrap Pattern: Logan River Wrap
Designer: Miriam Felton
Published: Interweave Knits, Winter 2007
Yarn: Patons SWS, Natural Earth, ~ 5 balls (I’m not really sure as I rewound them and then didn’t keep track, I had a bag of 6 and the 6th went to a calorimetry)
Needles: 5mm bamboo circs (24 inch?)
Started: November 2007
Completed: 29 March 2008
I set this aside for a few months due to other knitting obligations and am sad it’s finished. I made it 5 repeats shorter as when I finally block it I think it’ll be plenty long enough and I honestly was too impatient to do the mitered corners again. I’m 5′ and it’s currently about that. The pattern is like CRACK I love it, it’s fun to knit and while I’m still not in love with the yarn (knots, shedding, etc) I will knit this pattern again and again. :)

calorimetryAs I had over a ball left over I decided to jump on the bandwagon and knit Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf which was featured in Knitty Winter ’06.
It’s a really fun quick knit. I’m quite happy I CO a bunch less than the pattern calls for (I heard it ran big) as it’s quite stretchy; I don’t have to worry (I’d say it’s still a little big, but buttoning it different will fix that). Will I wear this often? Most likely not, but I feel that the yarn was used in a productive manner.

I still have yarn leftover (less than a ball out of a bag of 6). This does not please me so I’ve told Ravelry it’s “all used up”. Maybe I’ll use it to stuff amigurumi or something. I do not like Patons SWS. It sheds. More than Cosette did. I feel that a few days later I’m still pulling it out of my mouth. I do not like the dark charcoal and deep navy stripes in the natural earth mix. I feel they are two jarring and ruin the otherwise perfect colourmix. It makes me sad that I don’t like a yarn, but it must be said. It does felt well and seems to loose it’s desire to shred at that point. ;) oh and it’s warm. despite it’s short comings I’ll happily wrap this around me until I finish that darn Veste (I’m thinking July).

The goal for this week is to finish J’s wrap. I actually knit on it this afternoon on my way home on the train. I BO the sleeves yesterday and have 2.25 repeats remaining. I can do it before she outgrows it!! :)

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  1. Lovely work! Wear it well.

  2. That wrap looks great. So nice and cozy!

  3. The wrap is gorgeous. Though I could see where a less varigated yarn would have shown off the pattern better. Still it is nice to have something nice to curl up in!

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