real food

Oh it feels good to want to eat again and to have such wonderful tools at my disposal. My real knives are out and I’m teaching E not to run them through the dishwasher. I’m trying to be good and do clean up immediately..

Yes. I gave up on Fit Day. I’m not that good at tracking food diligently.

I’m still learning to take photos of anything, but especially of food. I think that part of my problem is lighting and that we have clear plates (which let the dirty table cloth shine through). One day I’ll learn.

Here’s a run down of what we ate this, maybe you’ll find some inspiration. I have little other ideas on what to write tonight.

Monday: Sexy Spring Pasta with Roasted Asparagus
Tuesday: chestnut rice without the ground cinnamon. i couldn’t find it, which really makes me wonder if my spices run away when I need them. Yes, I know I cooked on a Tuesday. I stayed home sick from class in favour of going to bed before my classmates left campus.
Wednesday: class. I ate peanut M&M’s.. I don’t know what E ate.
Thursday: Leftover french onion soup, a cup of vege broth, a cup of lentils, some oil, garlic, and a handful of rice all mixed up. yum! I attempted to make kong jang, a korean dish of black beans cooked slowly in soy sauce. I paid more attention to the timer than I should have and ended up burning the batch, and threw a cup of beans and soy sauce into the trash. It makes me sad. I should say that I attempted to eat the beans but it was impossible.
Friday: Pasta with Asparagus and Peas (lunch), Creamy Risotto-style Brown Rice with Spring Greens & Asiago. Well, almost. I took The Flexitarian Table back out from the library (a sign I should purchase it) and all the spring recipes jumped at me. I don’t know where to find kosher Asiago, so I substituted a lot of Parmesan and baby lettuces for the “spring greens”. It was wonderful.

What will this coming week bring? I’m not really sure. I have a bunch of fresh vegetables waiting for me to make a decision. It feels good to cook and even better to eat good, nutritious, food.