plague knitting

Yes we have the plague here at PG’s nest. E came down with it last night and we’re both home today feeling pretty rotten and trying to get work done. I’m on the mend, I’m not so sure about E. PG is avoiding us both and I think she’s a smart little one.

The knitting done this past week was not what I expected.

I’ve turned the heels of my “second verse” socks using Wendy’s (pdf warning) Toe up Socks with a Difference. They’re in the spirit of Cat Bordhi but do the increases later and faster and I think that actually fits my heel better. Time will tell. I’m only about 8 rounds up the leg. We’ll see what happens this week.

river wrap progressThe other project I’ve worked on was not the one I thought I’d work on. It’s the Logan River Wrap by Miriam. The design is wonderfully written and somewhat easy for me to follow if I’m coughing up a lung. I had worked on this for a week or two back in November and then put it aside because of school, work, and other knitting obligations. I’m 3.5/6 balls through and hope to finish an autumnal wrap in time for Summer weather. As E just took over the chair I was going to use to photograph my status, you’ll have to believe me and I’ll just pull up a photo from before, it looks pretty much the same, just much longer. I’d say it’s currently about 4.5 feet or 1.3metres in length. I love it!

Maybe I’ll finish the Veste for July 4th. ;)