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Ok. First off, I’m not currently talking to the embossed leaves socks. I knew they looked big, but they were too large on E and well, that’s not good. So I tried to rip back but be all clever about it and I made a big royal huge mess and well, I’m not going to talk about it further. I’ll spare you the photos. It’s not pretty. Spot is talking to them like crazy in the sock bag. I hope he gets through to them soon and they understand what they need to do.

rivulet socks, complete!I finally finished the rushing rivulet socks and I love them. I am sad that the pattern does not mix well with two socks and two circs for the leg, but c’est la vie. They also aren’t considerably warm (as I unfortunately found out today), but it’s nice to have another pair of summery socks.
Yarn: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura, #1608, less than half a ball (other half went to E’s mitts)
Needles: 2.5mm circs
Pattern: Rushing Rivulet (Riverbed Architecture) by Cat Bordhi
Size: Mine
Mods: None intentionally, but we all know I don’t follow a pattern properly.

second verse...The third set of socks a revisit to my first pair of socks, in that I’m using the same yarn. That’s about it. These will be toe up, ribbed, and probably with Cat or Wendy’s gussets/heels. We’ll see.
Yarn: Bernat sox in crazy hot
Needles: 2.75 mm, they’re HUGE! ;)
Pattern: er.. hodge-podge of various things, toe up, current “plan” is for a k3,p1 rib …
Size: Mine
Mods: There is no set plan so any mods will be design features?

To go along with my attempt to eat better and exercise, I joined a site called “fit day”. You can see everything I ate and did at this link. I love how knitting burns calories. Hopefully this will help me. I’m not totally thrilled with the site, but it was the best one I found this afternoon. I’d love to be able to group the foods as breakfast, snack, lunch, etc. Anyway, hopefully the public humiliation will help. Though given my track record (my desk is a mess) I’m not hopeful.

[edited: I took out a bit on self diagnosis. E thinks I’m a big hypochondriac. So I’ll keep my mouth shut.]

I brought home some Louet Gems the other day in Caribou (a wonderful Brown) to go with the left over koigu and knit another pair of (sorry) little gem mitts. The Regia Silk hasn’t worn too well considering I’m wearing them HARD; as in I wear them every day, all day.

I will finish the gift socks. They just need to sit and think about themselves.

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  1. I haven’t tried any of Cat B’s patterns yet, but they will have to be cast on soon!

  2. All of your socks are very pretty! They look awesome!

  3. Sorry that E’s socks are not working out but the other two pair are nice!

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