did I ever cook on Sunday and Monday. Even though I am still without a countertop I decided enough was enough.

Sunday night found me baking non-gebrocks apple muffins.

gf apple muffins are they done yet? YUM!!!!

They are good, if cram packed with white sugar. I need to find a way to make them healthier and I should have chopped the apples smaller. More on knife skills in a bit… I am sad to report that after Monday I forgot to bring them with me to snack on which makes me sad but has left more to enjoy this weekend.

Monday found gnocchi, mostly b/c I misjudged the amount of instant potato to fit in the new jars, but also because it’s yummy. this is the first time I made it while having all of the ingredients (real eggs, corn startch, etc) and it made such a difference. I would have enjoyed them even greater if I hadn’t singed the hair off my fingers in the process. (long complex story, short version: i had a gnoch who didn’t want to be cooked and i wanted to keep the stove clean. *sigh*.. *ouch*) i served them with some butter, Italian seasoning, and Parmesean.

Then my cooking for the week pretty much went down hill. Which makes me sad. A recent doctor’s appointment left us with the discovery that I lost more weight this past year leaving me even further under my target weight. My goal for the next month is to try to eat a decent amount of nourishment balanced throughout the day every day and to do something cardiovascular-happy five times a week.

Tuesday and Wednesday I had class. I did eat a proper lunch on Tuesday but not Wednesday. Bad Penny. In good news I returned home early both nights and ate a bit before bed..

On Thursday I had soup for lunch and for dinner I made simple pasta. I didn’t eat a good breakfast on Friday which is sad because I was home to have a proper one. I don’t recall lunch, but believe that I finished the soup from Thursday, it was Cashew Carrot Ginger and I find it very yummy, I like to mix some yogurt or sour cream. For Shabbat a quinoa-rice tomato pilaf with tofu and chick peas for added health, and tonight a bizarre concoction of tofu and bean noodles that wasn’t quite what I expected but still edible.

Aren’t you excited to have that blow-by-blow of what I eat? I doubt I’ll do this every week, but I need to think of some incentive to make sure I eat properly. Perhaps a proper weavette (or some other really small loom to use up my fingering-weight bits) if I eat lunch every day (baring ta’anit) for the next month? [or something else around $25?] I hate to bribe myself, but I do need to do something.

Back to the knife skills.. I recently took Knife Skills Illustrated: A User

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  1. Sorry about the weight loss! I’ve always found that purposely regaining weight is harder then losing it so I can sympathize. Good luck putting it back on.

  2. Oof. I went through a period a few summers ago when I accidentally went on the “Special K diet” (long story), so I sympathize about the weight loss. What worked for me was deciding that smoothies can be snacks instead of meals, so I had one every day or so. With the fruit and the yogurt and the soy protein, I felt like I was being healthier than just eating ice cream every day. Oh, and if you don’t mind answering a dopey question, what is gebrocks? I haven’t seen that term before.

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