would i?

Last week, I asked if “you” would purchase any of the following:

– $600 eyeglasses
– $20 knitting needle
– $100 shoes
– $600 desk chair

Would I?

onerowyvonnescarf dragon wrap progress, 20080309 new sanita clogs (desk, still mostly neat!)

Yes. Yes. Yes. (I need to do something).

These all represent tools I use every day. I’m going to leave the eyeglasses out of the discussion because I see them as a medical necessity and not a fashion item. The “fashion part” (the frames) are the cheap part of the deal anyway.

In today’s economy, how and why did I feel justified in very recently purchasing a pair of sanita clogs?

I walk what some consider a considerable amount every day, at least five kilometers. I try to do more. I need to be able to look nice in a variety of places and walk a good deal in between. I often wear sneakers and then change. That’s a royal pain in the arse and I’m trying to reduce what I schlep with me. If I walk a good deal in most of the dress shoes that I own (and if you’ve seen my feet you know I wear pretty sensible boring shoes) I end up with both foot and leg pain. I’ve heard good things about these clogs and know that even if they only last a year (I’ve heard that three-year-old clogs are still going strong so I’m not concerned), is that if I wear them 300 days out of that year, they only cost me about 33¢ and I think that is quite worth it so that I can walk and work in comfort. If they last me longer (which I hope they do) than my investment was even better.

I have the same justification for both the needles and the desk chair, though I haven’t yet purchased anything to replace my $20 stool. I’m not sure I need to spend $600, but I will not necessarily be Please don’t forget that many of these items may last longer, or come with guarantees. If I can find something of similar quality that fits my need for a lessor cost I will acquire that. I am not tied to a specific brand (I did not purchase Danskos) but will weigh the known quality when evaluating my purchase.

This was not exactly the post I’ve been thinking of all these weeks but it will have to do.

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  1. Nice shoes. They look very similar to my Danskos — which, after 3 years, are still going strong.

    Good for you!


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