I’ll start with the really happy super great news.

dragon wrap progress, 20080309I have joined the fronts of the dragon wrap.

Now is the easy straightforward part. I knit a couple of rows, bind off the sleeves and then complete the body. Rectangles. Those are easy.

I do not, in any way, place full blame on any one particular person, beyond myself. I can’t blame the designer or interweave for all the difficulties I’ve had. I still love the pattern and I thank IK for publishing it. I caught the error in the chart ages before it was announced, but it’s a common sense type of chart-error-fix so I didn’t think anything of it and believe that it’s the type of thing which could easily slip through given all the other demands of the pattern. You move on. The issues I have are more with layout and technical editing (though I do not blame IK’s tech editors). I think I am now very picky about how patterns are written out and find myself reorganizing things for my own convenience and how my brain works and knits. I do have one complaint directed at IK however, I do not like to turn back and forth to read key information about a pattern, I know real estate on a page is precious but I found it very frustrating to have the chart on one page and the instructions for decreasing on another. I ended up photocopying the front page and clipping it to the working page. I recognize they have design reasons for doing the layout as they did, and I’m just saying that it didn’t work for me. I also didn’t like the verbiage describing how to decrease but if anyone makes it to the end of this paragraph well, whoami to talk?

Anyway, now I’m zooming along on 3.75mm Addi lace. I’m a little sad that I purchased it, for reasons I hope to raise on Thursday, but if anyone wants to buy me one of the knit picks sets I won’t complain. (Right now I’ll take either. I think I’d prefer the harmony since I have addi lace in the sizes I generally use but I’ve digressed).

The River socks are now progressing on dpn’s but as I don’t yet have a needle holder for my 4″ 2.5mm addi’s they’ve been sitting by the bed waiting for me to give them some attention. I have just googled and found a nice tutorial and great shops so by this time next week, who knows? I have one pair of the stitch keepers, and I like them, they’re just for longer needles. I also need to make sure whatever I do will work with a mixed 4-5″ set of needles. ;)

My other love this past week has been the embossed leaves socks. So much so I asked E to take photos for me, since my camera doesn’t have macro and I am terrible at taking photos. This is what he came up with. Aren’t they gorgeous? It will be hard to give this pair up when they are completed but very rewarding. I really do love shibui sock. :)

embossed leaves progress, 20080310embossed leaves progress, 20080310

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  1. Wow! You have been one busy lady. Lovely work.

  2. The pencil-topper stitchkeepers are too adorable, but I know I’d mess up and have the duckies dangling ear to ear with the stitches going every which way. (Thank you, I know duckies don’t have ears.) The embossed leaf socks are awesome!

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