hmm.. is it winter or summer?

Oh, right, it’s MARCH. I find this weather very difficult to cook in/with/for/etc. One day March reminds us that winter is still near and the next has E in shorts and my not desiring to turn on the beautiful oven.

Since I had Project deadline this past week I really didn’t cook much more than instant (yes, instant, sue me, E likes it) rice and heat up soup and other pre-made things. I hope to do better in the next few weeks as it’s healthier and less expensive.

I did, however, bake some gf bread on Friday afternoon. This time my only option at the Red Hook Fairway (which I’ve found has the best GF selection in the city) was the Alternative Grain Wholemeal Bread Mix. I added some sugar for browning and a whole egg (since I can digest those and figured given how poor I’m eating lately it wouldn’t be bad). As with before YUM!!!! Even E will eat a small slice of these breads.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be purchasing the mix in the future as it is quite pricey, but every so often it’s wonderful to be able to cut a slice of home-baked bread and spread some butter on a warmed slice. I am trying to gather all of the ingredients to make gf bread from scratch but it’s taking a while and I’m awaiting a proper countertop to set bowls and things on when I do attempt it.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the project! When will you get your grade?

  2. That was a draft of the first phase of the project (justification and methodology). I’ll find out on wednesday (2008-03-13) what my graders/readers thought of it.

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