would you…

would you purchase any of the following:

– $600 desk chair
– $20 knitting needle
– $100 shoes
– $600 eyeglasses

Why? Why not? Please feel free to discuss here or elsewhere IFF you desire.

I no longer have words left to write the post I’ve been trying to for several weeks. Hopefully I’ll get them out, let them mature, and line them up in the desired order for next week. Yesterday, I submitted the final draft of the Project proposal and design. Therefore, I’m out of words.

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  1. I SO know the feeling of being out of words. I majored in journalism and English in college…the last week of my senior year, I got 10 hours of sleep writing 15 papers between 3 and 15 pages each. I didn’t touch a computer for a month.

    To your questions:

    – $600 desk chair – yes, were a lot of other financial “ifs” to be met first. It would be a luxury, but having sat in them, I can honestly say it would make life easier, spending as much time in front of a screen as I do.
    – $20 knitting needle – I have, several times. Worth it to a point…which, no pun intended, is why I’ve started going for something about half the price but similarly fabulous.
    – $100 shoes – I’ve only recently been willing to do this, but it is completely worth it, particularly if you walk a lot, wind up with foot pain a lot, or both. It’s stunning how much of a difference it makes in overall foot health.
    – $600 eyeglasses – no way! I love seeing glasses on other people but hate wearing them, and will only spend up to about $250 to have a backup to my contacts. (I don’t have any right now).

    Such a long post! Also, I doubt I will make it back before, so: good shabbos!

  2. Yes to all of them. I would not pay $600 for the frames, but once you add in lens compression, transitions, anti-glare … I’ve had glasses add up to more than that.

    The desk chair would have to be one special desk chair.

    Shoes … some of my longest wearing shoes cost over $100. Example: my Dansko clogs which I’ve had for 3 or 4 years and which show no sign of wearing out. The kids get cheaper shoes because they keep growing.

    $20 needles — sure if they met my needs.

    On the other hand, I would not pay $100 or more for jeans. Give me $20 Old Navys thank-you-very-much. But then I am not a fashionista.

    And then there are the bikes …

  3. Yes to all. I second the comment about glasses – transition lenses are worth every penny, a desk chair that doesn’t leave you crippled, ditto, ditto ditto for shoes you can walk in, and Addis *are* over $20. Yes, yes, yes.

    I’d also buy (and have) a fountain pen that costs over $100. Once in awhile, one needs a huge treat that won’t just gather dust.

  4. – $600 desk chair
    G bought the $1,000 Aeron chair. He’s in it most of the day and night, and the $200 jobbies were disintegrating under the abuse. The Aeron? Holds up like a pro.
    – $20 knitting needle
    Have done this on too many occasions. I think my big Lantern Moons were more than $20. But they’re *rosewood.*
    – $100 shoes
    My Danskos have been about $130 – $150 a pair, but I work on my feet eight hours a shift and would be lost without them. I have, however, spent *ten times* that on Manolo Blahniks. Each pair. Three pairs.
    – $600 eyeglasses
    When you factor in everything that goes into them, my glasses were somewhat over $600 (for the Prada pair I’m retiring). My new LeGre ones (no transition lenses for me) are somewhat less expensive, but not by much.

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