another week flew by

And thankfully Monday is now over.

It wasn’t Terrible, just a general Monday. Bleah.

When I wasn’t paying attention I knit a mini Clapotis! Now I understand the allure and love of this pattern and think I’ll be ripping out the Sunday Market Shawl and reknitting it as a slightly larger clapotis. Yvonne’s yarns look beautiful in this pattern. Hmm.. I wonder what it’d be like in a fingering on 3.5mm?

finished mini clapotis, as scarf mini clapotis, as wrap

Mini Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
from Knitty, Fall 2004.
Mods: 1 increase + shorter repeated straight 7x, decrease once. I had about a metre leftover.
Yarn: Lavendersheep superwash twist in Sea Turtle, 128m/56g.


I attempted my itty bitty loom and well it wasn’t quite what I expected and I will be resuming the research. The experiment was fun nonetheless and I will call it a success.

The dragon wrap is in progress. I have decided to reknit the right side. We’ll see if it works. I’d like to finish things before it’s something J would rather put on a doll than herself. Why is this pattern kicking my butt?? It’s not really hard..

spot with socks, 20080302The river socks are almost done. The pattern isn’t really a good one for two at a time on circs given the placement of that last YO every few rows. I’ve since put them on dpns to be completed at home and the car and cast on another pair of bright green socks for spring. I’m attempting to do embossed leaves toe-up. My first set of leaves do not look quite right (I think I need to shift the ssk’s) and I’m aware of deadlines so I’m not sure I want that badly to rip back. I’ve been googling and ravelry-ing in the few spare moments to figure out what I’m doing wrong with the chart. Just because I want to go toe-up, make it look the same as the original (there are those who just knit the chart as written, I want my leave the other way around) and use Cat’s heel. *sigh*.

Knitter stubbornness in the face of deadlines. YAY!

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  1. The mini clapotis is really pretty. The itty bitty loom looks interesting too.

  2. The clapotis is beautiful. I love the colour.

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