good reads?

It was a pretty dry and intense week of reading. I can only claim one item complete *right now* but there are quite a few others about to have the back cover closed shortly. However, as I have a very large deadline (or two) this week and I’m a Penny of procrastination and of poor editing brain, the posts this week will hopefully be short and coherent.

To combat the dryness I often found myself distracted by the still very large pile of New Yorkers.. I’m now within mid-November.. 2007, so there has been progress. I also listened to quite a few Escape Podcasts. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to April Fool’s Day when Pod Castle finally debuts. (I hope).

I completed Oliver Sacks Musicophilia. I wonder if my path today would be different if I had discovered him and his work a decade ago. I had a very enjoyable time reading this book and encourage you to check it out. His prose is enjoyable and the personal stories were heart warming and reassuring.

Lastly, you may (if you go to the full page and not just read this in the RSS reader) or may not have noticed that I have added good reads to the sidebar. I expect it’s design to change as I take a few more minutes to tweak it. I really like my now-reading plugin by Robm, but have been enjoying some of the social life my knitting and projects have developed (since I have none at least my fibre can) and wonder if the books I read can develop one as well. There are so many social reading networking sites. I had more books in Goodreads so I choose it as my demo for the next two weeks. Opinions?