I purchased, cooked, and ate red meat tonight. E woke from his shabbos nap and decided that he was Very Hungry. I was pretty indifferent but asked him what he wanted. He said something Big. So after shabbat we drove to the store, bought some ground beef, we took down the Forman, and I cooked it and served it with fries and a salad.

I must agree, it was very good. There are no photographs as we ate it pretty quickly.

We’re still slowly putting everything away and getting used to the new setup. For a while we had the plates in the center cabinet but when we plugged the dishwasher back in we realized that did not work well when emptying the dishwasher. So they were moved to the far left cabinet. We both keep opening the middle one looking for a glass.

I took The Flexitarian Table back out earlier this week and made the beet and goat cheese pasta, but highly modified it. As my prep space isn’t the best I used canned sliced beets (which I rinsed several times) and bagged baby spinach in lieu of the beet greens. I also didn’t have heavy cream so I made up a bizarre concoction of milk, butter, egg, and potato starch. It was very good and we both enjoyed it though my had was a little too heavy with the red pepper flakes for E’s taste.

This machine is my new really good friend.

I am pleased to introduce the machine which Frank, the counter top guy, brought over on Friday afternoon:

machine used to measure the new counter

This wonderful bit of technology measured the walls and will assist in our new countertop (2cm half bullnose beige olympio silestone) in fitting perfectly our very Very uneven kitchen walls. Frank didn’t believe me at first and when he measured the wall near the stove I heard him exclaim, and then take the measurement again. And then again. I’m impressed that he was quite diligent in measuring properly. He is also the first person to see the kitchen finished (at least to this point) and he was very impressed and I don’t think he was just saying it to make me feel good. He really did seem impressed.

They say the new counter top will arrive in two weeks. We are trying to be patient.

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  1. I laughed aloud when I saw the title to your post. :) At the right time, there is very little that’s better than a good hamburger.

    I especially appreciated the timing, as the hub and I went to a Large Place Full of Meat for dinner tonight…

  2. Must be something in the air. We also did meat last night with some nice steaks from Whole Foods.

    This lead to a conversation about what type of meat a vampire would prefer …

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