Parshat Vayakhel, Nach, Purim

This week we read parshat Vayakhel, found at Shm’ot (Exodus) 35:1-38:20. In this parshah we are reminded of the commandment to observe Shabbat and are given the instructions to build the mishkan. Because so much is donated, Moses must tell people to stop. (summary, text with Rashi.)

Hmm… sounds a bit like knitters …

I am mostly caught up on Nach Yomi. Why do I say mostly? I have learned on my own the Nach, and am very slowly catching up on the podcasts. I’ve listened through the shiurim on Shmuel that i successfully downloaded and am about to commence on Melachim. Wow. I’ve missed a good deal learning on my own and studying with the little bit of the commentators I can. I’ve greatly enjoyed the ‘lecturers’ I’ve learned from and am very pleased to have this opportunity to delve into Nach. I asked E if he had ever done this sort of learning for Nach and he replied that he hadn’t. I continue to have iTunes download issues, but I think it’s me (they download eventually).

Purim is coming! [chabad, ou, aish]

Which also means that Pesach is coming (and the stores will be stocked with foods I can easily eat!)

שׁבּת שׁלום